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K-Swiss Announces New Management Team


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On the heels of completing its merger April 30 with E.Land World Ltd., the Westlake Village, Calif.-based athletic company announced its new management team.

Truman Kim has been named chairman, while Larry Remington has been appointed president and CEO. Barney Waters is now promoted to chief marketing officer, while Wim Tuijl has taken on the role of managing director of Europe, the Middle East and Africa. Ed Flora remains as COO.
Remington, who had served as Palladium president, succeeds former chief executive Steven Nichols and former president David Nichols, who have both left the company.
For his part, Remington said he looks forward to building on the company’s brand identity. “We believe that with its authentic heritage and global brand equity, K-Swiss can once again be one of the world’s leading athletic brands,” he said in a statement. “Palladium has great momentum and we want to continue to fuel this growth. In addition, we will look for opportunities to grow the brand portfolio under the group umbrella.”
Prior to joining K-Swiss, Remington held executive positions at Foot Locker Inc. and Skechers USA Inc. over his 30-year career.

For more on this story, see Monday’s issue of Footwear News.

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